Jeff Crockett

Breath Embodiment


"If a person finds his way based on the experience of his breathing, he finds his power and creativity."  -Ilse Middendorf

Living a Breathful Life

Breath Embodiment is a somatic work that supports self inquiry and personal development on a physical, psychological and spiritual level.  It leads to authentic expression and connection with others.  

It can be a useful support for those recovering from trauma and for those who are seeking greater ease and unity within their bodies, and their lives. 

This work is not about learning how to breathe, but rather, it is about coming into direct contact with the healing, balancing, and creative forces within the experience of breath. 

Breath Comes and Goes on its Own

Breath is changing every moment in response to our thoughts, feelings, unconscious patterns, and past experiences held within the body.  

When we allow the breath to find its natural rhythm, and we sense it with our presence,  a powerful dynamic is engaged between our conscious awareness and the unconscious.   

Breath that comes and goes on its own moves in a self-regulating manner balancing us physically, emotionally and spiritually.  This autonomous breath can move to awaken us, and help us to recover from experiences when we felt we needed to "leave" the body in order to feel safe. 

The location of breath movement in the body, the changes in rhythm and qualities within the breath cycle, all have meaning and offer a somatic resource to help a person on a path of embodiment, self discovery, personal development and well being.

The direct and personal experience of the breath brings us into an embodied state of being and in touch with our unique creative resources and impulses, as well as creating coherence with others and the world around us.  



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